Everleaf Adds Weekly Cash Games Restriction for Winning over 750

As of 3 December, all Everleaf Poker Network skins have added the following under the “House Rules” of the Terms & Conditions webpage.

Tables Availability
To maintain healthy player and financial balances within the cardroom, players with weekly winnings of 750 Euros(or equivalent of) on our cash tables will see their access limited to certain tables. The status of each player will be reset at 00:00 every Sunday at which point all the tables will be made available again. This restriction does not apply to any tournaments.

Once a player surpasses 750 won on Euro cash tables for the week, they will be restricted to only being able to access all the USD tables with the $1 max rake cap, and Euro tables with only other players under the win restriction currently. This is for cash games only, and has no effect on Tournaments or SNGs. The win total is also only money won on the Euro tables, it does not include any tournament winnings, bonuses, rakeback, or any other promotions. Once you pass the restriction amount, you would receive an error when trying to join the table, “You are not allowed to play on this table because your player rating is too high.”

The player star-rating system remains intact. Players with more stars who try to sit at cash tables with players with fewer stars receive the same popup, “You are not allowed to play on this table because your player rating is too high.” When low star players try to sit at tables with players with more stars, they receive the warning, “The rating of the table is higher than yours, do you really want to play on this table?”

The Everleaf Network underwent two other broad changes in October. The rake was raised at the Euro tables. Then they lowered the maximum rake per hand to $1 on US Dollar tables (a promotion likely to be extended through January). Everleaf poker room BKR Poker takes players from the United States, has no deductions from the 40% gross rakeback they offer, and has better-than-average cashout times.