Bodog and PartyPoker Anonymous Tables Revealed Not to Be So

The anonymous poker tables launched at Bodog and PartyPoker have both been cracked by HHSmithy (video below). Last week Bodog had released a software update which replaced all player names with numbers 1 – 9, and claimed everything was anonymous and this would break all tracking. PartyPoker has offered anonymous heads up tables for about one year. The least technical summary we can offer is the tables are not actually anonymous, instead merely hidden and not very well. All the data is available on the client-side for anyone who knows how to extract it. The issue is similar to how the Playstation Network was hacked. As you will see by watching the video for each, a low level programmer could write a program to extract the data from the client-side poker program, and convert it so that a program like Holdem Manager or PokerTracker would work.

I would strongly recommend watching the videos, below, of how Bodog’s anonymous tables were cracked and Party’s anonymous heads-up tables cracked. If you are interested in the technical details of how this was performed I recommend reading the full articles for Bodog and Party.

Bodog Anonymous Tables Cracked

PartyPoker HU Anonymous Player Names Revealed

Bodog’s exploit is the more concerning of the two (see video below) and the room may actually be considered insecure now. When cracked, instead of a player name you see the Login Account Number for the Bodog member, so make sure the other half of your login, your password, is complex.


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